Home Communion Ministry 

“Did we not feel our hearts on fire, as he talked with us” – Luke 24: 32


We are a small Team, with room to grow, and we take out communion to Residential Homes, Nursing Homes and to Private Homes all over Street and Walton. We take communion to those who are unable to attend church due to infirmity, old age, sickness, bereavement etc. It is a great honour to be part of this out-reach facility that the church offers to those who cannot get to church for some reason and wish to stay connected with God, through the act of communion! Luke’s gospel reminds us…..

“and when he had sat down with them at table, he took bread and said the blessing; he broke the bread and offered it to them. Then their eyes were opened!” – Luke 24: 30-31

I feel so blessed to bring Jesus into the lives of those who receive communion in their homes and see how they are touched by this simple but powerful act of faith.

It is not always possible for us as a Team to know of people who are missing Church for a while due to hospitalisation, illness, accident, etc. and not all people will want home communion if away from Church for a short while, but if you know of anybody missing for a while, please let one of the Team know and we will follow it up.

You can either contact the team leader, Brian Moreby (01458 442063), or talk to one of the team members:
Michael Bell
Carol Brewer
Sandra Gristock

“whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood possesses eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day” – John 6: 54-55