CHURCHNew service pattern at the Mission Church

We are excited to be able to launch our new service pattern at the Mission Church, made possible as we are able to continue to carefully relax some of our previous Covid19 precautions.

From October, our monthly pattern of services, all at 10.30 am and lasting about an hour, will look like this:

First Sunday: SofaSunday@themission; interactive, visual, and fast paced, with activities as well as a short talk all led from a comfy sofa.  Great for all ages.

Second Sunday: Communion@themission; including Communion, but with a contemporary feel.  There will also be separate groups for kids

Third Sunday: Celebration@themission; songs, words, prayers and a talk, suitable for all ages

Fourth Sunday:  DigDeep@themission; More time and space for worship and teaching.  There will be separate groups for kids.

See our calendar for more details.