Last Week's Life Line

Week commencing 28th February 2021
Wise Leadership
Genesis 41.33-43 & 53-57
Mark 10.42-45
  • How might Joseph have felt when making the transition from prisoner to ‘second in command in all Egypt?’
  • What can we learn from Joseph’s model about how to work for a non-Christian boss?
  • What qualities made Joseph a leader?
  • Can you give examples of when leadership has gone wrong and why do you think this happened?
  • What can we learn about being a wise leader from Joseph’s example?
  • In the Mark reading, what is the distinctive about Christian leadership described here?
Prayer for the week
Almighty God,
by the prayer and discipline of Lent
may we enter into the mystery of Christ’s sufferings,
and by following in his Way come to share in his glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Readings for the week
Monday         Psalms 32, Jeremiah 7.21-end & John 6.41-51
Tuesday        Psalms 50, Jeremiah 8.1-15 & John 6.52-59
Wednesday   Psalms 35, Jeremiah 8.18-9.11  & John 6.60-end
Thursday      Psalms 34, Jeremiah 9.12-24 & John 7.1-13
Friday           Psalms 41, Jeremiah 10.1-16 & John 7.14-24
Saturday       Psalms 25, Jeremiah 10.17-24 & John 7.25-36

Prayer Topics:  for Sunday 28th February 2021:
Please pray: –
  • We continue to pray for our Benefice and our clergy, Ana, David and Diana – may they be sustained and upheld as they lead us.  We also pray, across the Benefice, for our Church Wardens, Administrator, Caretakers and, especially, our PCCs that are due to meet this week – may they be guided by God in the decisions they make. 
  • Whether we have put down something or taken up something for Lent we pray that God will give us the dedication to continue with our efforts and through this period to be shown where and how we can be of service to Him.
  • We pray for those involved in the review of our Churches’ charitable giving – may they be guided by God to make sound decisions on which organisations to support and in the best way to do so.
  • Please pray for A Rocha, one of our partnership charities, that 2021 will be a key year for them as they forge new relationships with Partners in Action and Wild Christian, and develop their role in convening Christian organisations to act on the climate and species crisis.
  • We pray for the staged lifting of restrictions announced a few days ago, for schools, colleges, businesses and organisations as they work towards their re-opening, and for the continued fall in Covid infections and deaths and the rising uptake in vaccinations.
  • We continue to pray and give thanks for all those working in the health, care and key essential services asking that God will strengthen, guide and sustain them.  We also give thanks for the army of volunteers who are assisting in the running of the many vaccination centres.
  • We pray for those, known to us, who are unwell whether physically or mentally, whether in hospital or at home; praying that they all may receive the care and support they need at this time and that they will know the healing touch of Jesus. And particularly we pray for those whose medical condition require lengthy treatment.
  • We pray for those, known to us, who have recently died that they may be at rest; and for their family and friends, that they may know the love and care of Jesus.
For these and all things we pray in the name of Jesus.                  Amen

World Day of Prayer, Friday 5th March
This year it is the turn of the ladies of Vanuatu to prepare the service on 5 March, and despite the pandemic, this has been done.  However having received feedback from various people who usually support this event it is felt that it would be better to postpone the service until such time as we can all meet together, rather than attempt it on zoom, which would exclude a significant group of usual attendees who don’t have internet access.
Unfortunately, at the moment, the WDP HQ has  no plans to put the service on the website but if any of you feel that you would like the service booklet in advance of 5th March, please let me know and I will obtain a copy for you.  Also, if you wish to donate money to the many worthwhile WDP causes its supports, this can be done via the website all year round. (
Lets hope and pray that we will be able to make plans in the spring to hold the service at a later date.  Carolyn Dulborough
A Rocha’s Eco church scheme together with Wild Christian and Partners in Action are working to help churches like ours become more environmentally grounded.
The Wild Christian scheme is a community of families and individuals exploring the connections between our Christian faith, the natural environment, and how we live.
The Partners in Action are a collaborative network of Christian land managers demonstrating active care for the natural world. 

Benefice fun quiz night on March 20th.
This is not intended to be a serious quiz, just a bit of fun. There is no need to book and the zoom invite will be sent out nearer the time. All you need to do is log on and join in the fun.  This evening is very much about the fun and fellowship between our church family.
LIFE Magazine
Those of you who do not already have a LIFE Magazine delivered please contact Roger Harmsworth 01458 445291, if you would like a paper copy of the March edition. The magazine is 50p, to cover the cost of paper and printing.
News on Churches Reopening
As Covid 19 restrictions gradually ease, we plan to reopen our churches for Sunday Worship from Easter Sunday, 4th April. Initially, this will be for Morning Worship and guidelines including face coverings, social distancing, hand sanitizing etc will continue to apply. As restrictions continue to ease over the coming months, and Church of England guidelines are updated, we will continue to review this but we are really looking forward to welcoming you back!
Tuesday Morning Prayer
We gather to pray on a Tuesday morning at 8am on Zoom, do join us if you are able. Zoom link to follow.
Contact Forms Reminder
Whether you are in Walton, Compton Dundon or Street, please remember to return the contact details form you should have received to the church office by Monday 1st March. If you have not received a form, please contact the church office.
A reminder that the next opening of the SWCD Arms is on Monday 8th March from 8pm. All welcome with Zoom link to follow.
All 3 of our PCC's are meeting this coming week. Give thanks to God for those who serve our churches in this way and pray for good discussions and wise decisions as they meet.
Lent Challenge
It has been exciting to hear of what people are taking up in Lent (reading, regular pattern of prayer etc). Let's continue to encourage one another to draw nearer to God in this season.
Services (subject to change/cancellation)
Wednesday 3rd March
10.00am – Morning Worship – Mission Church
7th March
9.45 for 10.15 start – Benefice Zoom service (link to follow)