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Week commencing 13th September 2020
Who on earth are we?  We are worshippers
Psalm 84
Luke 1.46-55
  • What is your understanding of worship?
  • What kind of worship does God expect of his people?
  • ‘Worship is not just on Sundays’. Discuss this statement.
  • Discuss any similarities with Mary’s song and the hymns and songs we use in church; what difference, if any does not being able to sing in church at the moment make to your experience of worship? 

Prayer for the week
Lord God, the source of truth and love,
keep us faithful to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship,
united in prayer and the breaking of bread,
and one in joy and simplicity of heart,
in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Readings for the week
Monday         Psalms 2, Genesis 3.1-15 & John 12.27-36a
Tuesday        Psalms 5, 1 Kings 1.32-2.4:2.10-12 & Acts 13.44-14.7
Wednesday   Psalms 119.1-32, 1 Kings 3 & Acts 14.8-end
Thursday      Psalms 15, 1 Kings 4.29-5.12 & Acts 15.1-21
Friday           Psalms 19, 1Kings 6.1, 11-28 & Acts 15.22-35
Saturday       Psalms 23, 1 Kings 8.1-30 & Acts 15.36-16.5
Prayer Topics:  for Sunday 13th September and the coming week:
Please pray, whether in Church or at home: –
  • As we enter the time of harvest, we pray for our farmers and growers as they harvest their crops, that the weather will be kind and that the yield may be better than forecast.  For those of us who have grown crops in our gardens or allotments we can also give thanks for what we have produced.
  • Following the Deanery Prayer Diary, this week we remember in prayer our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Momms Benefice (Middlezoy, Othery, Moorlinch, Stawell, Sutton Mallet, and Greinton) and particularly Rev Andrea Harwood, who with her husband Andrew and their daughter Laura worshipped with us for a time.
  • We renew our prays for our nation and its people as we face new restrictions that limit the number of people we can met with socially and are encouraged to be more mindful to protect ourselves and other from the Covid-19 virus.  We also pray for those who are worried or anxious as a result of the continuing situation that they may know the presence and peace of our Lord Jesus.
  • We continue to pray for our young people who have returned to school and college or are preparing to go to university and that the Covid-19 precautionary measures will be sufficient to keep them and their teachers, lecturers, and support staff from harm’s way.
  • Pray for those, known to us, who are unwell whether physically or mentally, whether in hospital or at home; praying that they all may receive the care and support they need at this time and they know the healing touch of Jesus. Please remember especially –
Bishop Peter as he is treated for leukaemia, and
Lynne M who is now being cared for by Macmillan Nurses during her final days.
  • We pray for those who may be known to us and have recently died; and for their family and friends asking that they all may know the love and care of Jesus as they mourn the passing of their loved ones.  
For these and all things we pray in the name of Jesus.               Amen
Your  Diocese question for the week - 
Can science and faith work together?
Time to 'Meet the Rector'. The next  'Meet the Rector' will be Tuesday 15th September between 1.00 and 2.00pm at The Castlebrook, Compton Dundon. See for more information. I look forward to seeing you there. Ana Lawrence.
Church services.  Please remember that you need to let me know in advance if you plan to come to a service.  Please only contact me in the office; there is an answer phone that you can leave messages on or preferably, please email
I have to prepare lists to be distributed to Churchwardens so the deadlines are Thursday at 2pm for the upcoming Sunday service and 1pm on Monday for the midweek service. Thanks, Sonia.
Church Bibles - While we are still dealing with Covid restrictions the Church Bibles, including Lectern Bibles, have been put away.
It would be great if we were each able to bring our own Bible from home so that we can follow along with the passages we are studying together..
If you are reading during a service and the print size of your own Bible makes it difficult to read publicly, please do ask Pam or Roger and you may be able to borrow one of the large print versions we have available.
SUNDAY WORSHIP - Thank you so much for all who made last Sunday's worship, across our churches, possible. We are still learning how to 'do' and 'be' church under current restrictions and please continue to bear with one another. We are still exploring whether we should continue to offer online worship as well and please contact Ana if this is something that you would value. 
HOUSE GROUPS - Alongside our existing house groups we are considering launching an online daytime group. Please contact Caroline Riall on 01749 831452 for more information. 
Body, Mind and Soul – the Bible Study element of this group has re-started, Thursdays, 10am – 11am.  Everyone is welcome.
LIFE Magazine Please let the editors have your input for the October LIFE magazine by the end of today, Sunday 13th September. Please let Roger know if you have paid for the year and usually pick up a LIFE magazine from our churches and we will get your magazine to you. We cannot leave magazines, etc. in our churches to be collected, but we can now deliver them.
APCM's - We are getting ready for our Annual Parish Church Meetings across the benefice. Accounts, reports and agendas will be available to collect in our churches shortly or contact the office if you would prefer an electronic copy for your parish. Nominations are also open for church wardens, deanery synod reps and PCC members and please talk to your warden or contact the church office for a nomination form. The meetings, which are open to all on the electoral roll are as follows: Walton, 28th Sept. 7pm Walton Church, Compton 29th Sept. 7.30pm St Andrew’s and  Street, 1st Oct, 7.30pm Mission Church. To comply with Covid 19 guidelines, numbers will be limited and please let us know via the office if you intend to come.
Kids groups - Due to the restrictions we are unable to have kids groups at the Mission church at the moment.   If young people come along to a service there are craft bags on the way in that they can take and do during the service.  The crafts are linked with the theme of the service.   If any of the other churches in the benefice would like some I will see if I can provide.  Please contact me on: 07890 189938 Thanks Hannah

Manna -  From October the quarterly magazine Manna will be distributed monthly via church magazines. You will be able to read the first instalment in Octobers ‘Life’ but meanwhile you can see the first page below, as it will be past, by the time the Life magazine comes out. Roger.
From Lamentation to Hope – a service for all who have been bereaved during the Covid pandemic.
An online service from Wells Cathedral will pray by name for all those who have died during the Covid pandemic in Somerset. Families of the bereaved are invited to send in names of those they have lost during the pandemic, and candles will be lit and their names read out during the filmed service. The Bishop of Taunton, Rt Revd Ruth Worsley, will welcome people to the online service. She said: “So many people weren’t able to attend funerals or grieve properly when their loved ones died in the last few months, because of restrictions imposed by the pandemic. We hope this service will offer people a chance to come together and mourn their loved ones by name, alongside others who have also been bereaved.” The service will include music from members of the Music Foundation of Wells Cathedral, and prayers will be said by some of Somerset’s hospital chaplains. There will also be a reflection from someone who survived Covid following weeks in intensive care in hospital in Bath.
The service will be available to watch on the Wells Cathedral website and the website of the Diocese of Bath and Wells (hyperlink) from Wednesday 30 September. Those who wish the names of their loved ones to be included should send them by email to by Monday September 21.

Services this week
Wednesday – 10am Mission Church
Sunday 20th  September
10.00am – Holy Trinity, Walton
10.00am – St. Andrew’s, Compton Dundon
10.30am – Mission Church, Street
10.30am – Holy Trinity, Street
Rev’d Ana Lawrence – 01458 841373
Website -
Office -  01458 442671
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