Last Week's Life Line

Week commencing 28th June 2020
Prayer for the week 
God our saviour,
look on this wounded world
in pity and in power;
hold us fast to your promises of peace
won for us by your Son,
our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen
Readings for today
Psalm 13
Romans 6.12-end
Matthew 10.40-end
Readings for the week
Monday         Psalm 71, Isaiah 49.1-6 & John 21.15-22
Tuesday        Psalm 73, Judges 9.1-21 & Luke 15.11-end
Wednesday   Psalm 77, Judges 9.22-end & Luke 16.1-18
Thursday      Psalm 78.1-39, Judges 11.1-11 & Luke 16.19-end
Friday           Psalm 92, 2 Samuel 15.17-21& John 11.1-16
Saturday       Psalm 76, Judges 12.1-7 & Luke 17.11-19
Your  Diocese question for this week is –
Is it better to give money to a charity or to volunteer?
Prayer Topics:  for Sunday 28th June and the coming week:
Please pray, whether in ‘Zoom’ Church or at home: –
  • Pray with thanks for the Churches in our Benefice and for those who lead and guide us at this time and manage church affairs in the current trying circumstances; we ask that God may continue to guide them to make sound decisions for the benefit of our church community and for the wider community in which we live.
Especially we pray that Jesus will guide those working so that churches can be opened for personal prayer.
  • Continue to pray for Ana and Kevin; that as they prepare to join us that they will know God’s love and guiding presence. We rejoice to know that Ana will be licensed to the Benefice in August and we look forward to welcoming her and Kevin when they move to Street.
  • Continue to pray for our nation and its people as the coronavirus restrictions are gradually relaxed; praying that the new ‘freedoms’ do not result in an increase in the rate of infection.  We give thanks that the numbers of those being infected and of those dying continues to reduce.
  • For those who are either preparing to reopen their businesses or to return to work please pray that they will able to understand and meet all the requirements placed upon them to ensure Covid secure practices and environments.
  • We also pray for those who are nervous about the coming relaxations of restrictions, that their fears may be allayed and that confidence to live in the “new normal” grows.
  • Pray for those, from all sectors of society, who are worried and concerned about their futures because of the impact upon the economy,
  • Continue to pray for God’s protection on all the staff and volunteers who continue to play such a vital role in the NHS and in various care services and settings.
  • Pray for those, known to us, who are unwell whether with Covid-19 or other illnesses, physical or mental, whether in hospital or at home; praying that they all may receive the care and support they need at this time. Please remember especially
Robert, a former work colleague of mine, who has only a little while left having been diagnosed with cancer.   
  • We pray for those, known to us, who have recently died; and for their family and friends asking that they all may know the love and care of Jesus as they mourn the passing of their loved ones. 
For these and all things we pray in the name of Jesus.               Amen
Prayer Topic Suggestions:
Suggestions for items for inclusion in this section of Lifeline are most welcome whether for a specific or a personal need. or of a general nature. Please send them by email to or by voice mail or text to 07970 881779.  Care will be taken to respect your privacy with any prayer that may appear within the Prayer Topics section of Lifeline. 
The next deadline for any Prayer Topic suggestions is first thing on Thursday
 2nd July in order for them to be included in the Lifeline issued for Sunday, 5th July 2020.
Prayer Chain Requests:
Those wanting prayers said on their behalf by the Prayer Chain should send their request by email to  - putting "Prayer Chain" in the subject line.  
Alternatively please contact Jeff Brewer on 07970 881779 
Services 28th June,
10am for 10.30am –
Meeting ID: 839 5430 1696  NO password
+44 131 460 1196
+44 203 051 2874
+44 203 481 5237
+44 203 481 5240?
Virtual coffee morning – Tues 30th June, 10.30 – 11.30
I have decided to stop the current coffee morning slot as we prepare to be able to open our church and meet in person. This will be our last one. It has been a joy to share this time with you during lockdown and I look forward to spending time with you all as we get back to normal. Blessings Suzie
Meeting ID: 857 5171 4477
Password: 606490
Hymn requests - if you have a hymn that you would like played during the Zoom services please email Suzie Williams,
The Street PCC met on 22nd June and voted to look at opening our churches up very gradually from early July.  At that meeting it was agreed that a working party of David Hatrey, Diane Gray, Roger Harmsworth, Pam Harmsworth and Suzie Williams would form a working party to look at all the information and work through it to ascertain when it would be safe to open initially the Parish church. On the 27th June the working party had the first zoom meeting and have decided to open the Parish church for the first time on Wednesday 8th July 11-1pm, unless the government guidelines change.  The deep clean has almost been completed and an ongoing strict cleaning routine is in place.  We have followed all the advice from Bath and Wells and double checked when there was any room for doubt.  David will carry out a comprehensive risk assessment in the next week.  We look forward to welcoming those in our community who wish to use this space for private prayer.  May we, and our beautiful church be a blessing in these difficult times.  Please pray for the working party as we continue to work our way through all the legislation and best practice to ensure we get this right.  All up to date information will be available on our website. 
Rev’d D Hatrey – 01278 723616,
Office -  01458 442671
Treasurer – Sonia Beaty 01458 44296
Copy for next LifeLine to Sonia Beaty by midday next Thursday,