Last Week's Life Line

Week commencing 12th January 2020
Prayer for the week 
Heavenly Father,
at the Jordan you revealed Jesus as your Son:
may we recognize him as our Lord
and know ourselves to be your beloved children;
through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen
Readings for today
Psalm 29 page 558
Acts 10.34-43 page 1104
Matthew 3.13-end page 967
Readings for the week
Monday         Psalm 2, Genesis 1.1-19 & Matthew 21.1-17
Tuesday        Psalm 9, Genesis 1.20-2.3 & Matthew 21.18-32
Wednesday   Psalm 20, Genesis 2.4-end & Matthew 21.33-end
Thursday      Psalm 21, Genesis 3 & Matthew 22.1-14
Friday           Psalm 67, Genesis 4.1-16,25-26 & Matt. 22.15-33
Saturday       Psalm 33, Genesis 6.1-10 & Matthew 22.34-end
Prayer Topics:  for Sunday 12 January 2020 and the coming week:
Please pray, whether in Church or at home: –
  1. With thanks for our Archbishops Justin Welby (Canterbury) and John Sentamu (York – who retires later in 2020); our Bishop’s Peter and Ruth and for all in leadership roles within our Church at national and diocesan levels – may they be granted wisdom as they continue to lead the Church.
  • Also, for our Church at a more local level; for David Hatrey as he continues to devotedly serve us during the vacancy, for our Church Wardens as they strive to keep us moving together; and for those directly and indirectly involved in the process of filling the vacancy.
  • For that person, unknown to us, but known to Jesus who, in the fullness of time will come to lead us and, we pray take us forward together in faith.
  • For ourselves that we might act upon Justin Welby’s New Year’s message; and that each of us be prepared to demonstrate our hope in Jesus by
Taking the risk to reach out and connect to those we may not know and to re-connect with those known to us from whom we are separated,  
Taking the time to help others whether by working with others by volunteering in an organisation or individually in other ways,
Not being fearful of being outside our comfort zone, of working to heal divisions and fostering unity (remember - we already have the comfort of having Jesus with us – our Emmanuel), 
Play our part, be it big or small, in being beacons of hope in our fractured and stressful society.
  • For Reggie and Cody who have come to be baptised today, 12 January, at the Mission Church supported by their respective parents, Godparents, families and friends.  We pray that with that support they will come to know and love our Lord Jesus. 
  • For those known to us who are currently unwell or infirm and for their families and others who support them.
  • Those known to us who have recently died and for their family and friends as they grieve; praying that they may know the Lord’s comfort, love and support in the coming days – remembering especially
the family and friends of Pat Moxey, whose funeral was the week before last, and
the family and friends of Pam Maidment, whose funeral was last week. 
For these and all things we pray in the name of Jesus.               Amen
Prayer Topic Suggestions:
Suggestions of Prayer Topics, for this section of Lifeline, are most welcome whether for a specific or a personal need or of a general nature. 
They can be sent by email to or by voice mail or text to 07970 881779.  Care will be taken to respect your privacy with any prayer that may appear within the Prayer Topics section of Lifeline. 
The next deadline for any Prayer Topic suggestions for Lifeline is early on Thursday 16th January if they are to be included in the Lifeline issued on Sunday, 19th January.

If you would like an article to be considered for the February LIFE magazine please let the editors have it by TODAY, Sunday 12th January. Thank you!

The Street Inn is booked for an Afternoon Lunch on Friday 17th January. The lunch is open to everyone. Please let Chris Wood know if you will be coming as we need to let The Street Inn know an idea of numbers. Arrive at about 12 noon to order and pay on the day.

Benefice Skittles - we have been offered the Street Inn skittle alley for nothing, the landlord is very keen to work with us as a church.  So I have booked us in for Monday 24th February 7pm, and everyone in the benefice will be welcome.  Going forward it is hoped to get a team together to play in the summer league(less serious) to be a fun presence in the community, as per David Hatrey’s sermon, I do listen !!!!  Suzie.

Bereavement Café
For some time now many of us have been aware of the need to support individuals following the death of a loved one. The death of a loved one raises all sorts of questions, worries and disorientates people. About a year ago we talked about the possibility of creating a Bereavement Café. A number of people came forward to indicate that they would be prepared to support this. The idea is that we meet once a month at a time to be agreed and provide opportunities to support bereaved individuals. Susan Ripley and myself have explored local examples so we have an understanding of how to develop this. For those who feel that they would like to volunteer to help with this new venture in any way we are holding a meeting on Saturday 18th January 2020 at 9.30am at the Mission Church. Please feel free to join us or if you are not available on that date please let either Susan or myself know that you are interested. This is a meeting to discuss how it is to be organised, we will be issuing an invitation to the Bereavement Café itself with details of time and place at a later date.   Revd David Hatrey
Rolator walking aid – free to go to a good home.  Contact Sandra Gristock, 01458 446211

Have you looked at the Diocese of Bath and Wells web-site recently?
Here are a few events that took my eye, if they interested you then maybe find a friend a go together?
Sat. 18th Jan - Men –Where is your head at? Wells Blue school 9.30 -15.30.
A day to safely explore with themes of modern masculinity, male identity and men’s mental health. Cost free but booking needed.
Sat. 18th Jan - Families with children 4-11 yrs – Children’s Festival, ‘Running the race’, at Wells Cathedral 10.30 -5.00 cost £2 booking needed. Cathedral will have an inflatable assault course, mini Olympics, crafts, live music it will be fun.
Or are you wanting to do some serious study but don’t feel your
ministry will fit the established church, how about CMS Certificate in Pioneer Mission taster day on 1st February 9.30- 15.00 at Wells Old Deanery
Wed 5th Feb – The Gathering – for youth and children’s leaders 19.30 -21.00. the Theme is ‘pray for schools’ hosted by Taunton Youth forChrist at Canon St church in Taunton.
For anyone in the congregation the Archdeaconry Training days are coming up too from 15th February.
Finally, not on that website
A women of God conference in Yeovil, entitled, ‘Fearless’ on 22 February from 10.00 till 16.30 at Yeovil community church. Cost £25.  More info from Jane Tompsett or anyone with a computer ; )
Are you over 65 or have children under 18 in your house?
Did you know that Devon and Somerset Fire and rescue have a free service to come to your home and do a Home Safety visit, and will supply and fit smoke alarms on the day if needed.
Interested ring 0800 05 02 999 daytime on weekdays.
What’s on this week
       7.30am – Morning Prayers – Mission Church
       2.30pm – Tuesday Afternoon Group – Mission Church
       7.00pm – Walton Housegroup – 96 Main Street, Walton
       7.30am – Morning Prayers – Mission Church
       10.00am – Holy Communion – Mission Church
       9.30am – Body, Mind & Soul – Mission Church
       10.30am – Coffee morning – Walton Church
       9.30am – Little Stars – Mission Church
       12 noon – Afternoon Lunch – The Street Inn
       10.00am – Informal Worship – Compton Dundon
       10.00am – Songs around the piano – Walton
       10.30am – Worship and Word – Mission Church
       10.30am – Holy Communion – Street Parish Church
Prayer Chain Requests:
Those wanting prayers said on their behalf by the Prayer Chain should send their request by email to  - putting "Prayer Chain" in the subject line.  
Alternatively please contact Jeff Brewer on 07970 881779 
Rev’d D Hatrey – 01278 723616,
Office -  01458 442671
Treasurer – Sonia Beaty 01458 442966
Copy for next LifeLine to Sonia Beaty by next Thursday, midday