This Week's Life Line

Week commencing 2nd May 2021
Re-Imagine the World
Genesis 1.1-31 & Isaiah 11.1-9
Study Questions
Read Genesis 1.1-31
  • Share some of your hopes and dreams for a post Covid world.
  • How might a post Covid world differ from the pre Covid world?
  • What Godly hopes and dreams might we be looking for?
  • What can we learn from the creation narrative in Genesis 1 about the kind of world God longs for?
  • What practical actions might our discussions lead us to take?
Prayer for the week
Risen Christ,
your wounds declare your love for the world
and the wonder of your risen life:
give us compassion and courage
to risk ourselves for those we serve,
to the glory of God the Father. Amen

Readings for the week
Monday         Psalms 145, Deuteronomy 16.1-20 & 1 Peter 1.1-12
Tuesday        Psalms 19, Deuteronomy 17.8-end & 1 Peter 1.13-end
Wednesday   Psalms 30, Deuteronomy 18.9-end & 1 Peter 2.1-10
Thursday      Psalms 57, Deuteronomy 19 & 1 Peter 2.11-end
Friday           Psalms 138, Deuteronomy21.22-22.8&1 Peter 3.1-12
Saturday       Psalms 146,Deuteronomy 24.5-end&1Peter 3.13-end

Prayer Topics:  for Sunday 2nd May 2021:
Please pray: –
  • We pray with thanks for our clergy, Ana, David and Diana and for their leadership and dedication within our Benefice.  We also pray for our Church Officers and PCC representatives as they prepare for the Annual Church Meetings due to take place later this month and we ask God to stand with those who are considering to stand for election to the various posts within each parish.
  • We pray for those who are preparing to be married in Church. Particularly, we pray for Liam Reddin and Zhenya Petkova who will be married on 8 May in Street Parish Church and for their families and guests - we ask that God may bless Liam and Zhenya throughout their lives together.
  • Please pray for this year’s “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer initiative which starts on 13 May, Ascension Day – may God inspire many from our Benefice to take part in this initiative and in doing so may they be truly blessed by the Holy Spirit.  We also pray that during the initiative those who we pray for may have their hearts and minds opened to receive Jesus and the love of God into their lives. 
  • As we give thanks in the UK for the much-reduced numbers of infections and deaths due to Covid-19 we pray for those nations that are struggling to cope at this time, particularly India – may God inspire other nations who can help to step forward and provide the necessary aid whether with equipment, oxygen or vaccine.
  • We pray for those, known to us, who are unwell whether physically or mentally, whether in hospital or at home; praying that they all may receive the care and support they need at this time and that they will know the healing touch of Jesus.
  • We pray for those, who may be known to us, who have recently died that they may be at rest; and for their family and friends, that they may know the love and care of Jesus as they mourn. 
For these and all things we pray in the name of Jesus – the way, the truth and the life.  May we walk in His way, rejoice in His truth, and share in His risen life now and for ever.   Amen
At our Wednesday Midweek Service in the Mission Church, we bade farewell to Caroline Riall, one of our Readers as she moves house. Our thanks and prayers go with Caroline as she begins a new chapter and a new ministry.

Congestion around the Parish Church this Sunday
This year, the Glastonbury 10k run has been re-routed due to Covid19 and will start from 10am at Strode College Car Park. Parking at Strode will therefore not be available this week and surrounding roads will be restricted, so those attending the Parish Church at 11.15am may need to make alternative parking arrangements for this week only. Having only been made aware of this very recently, we asked the Council Highways department for access to disabled parking spaces but, at the time or printing we have yet to hear. We will update the wardens and social media as soon as we know more.
APCM's in the Benefice
In preparation for our Annual Parish Meetings at the end of May, nomination forms are available from the office or church wardens for PCC and Church Warden. Please also consider joining the electoral roll if you have not already done so (forms also available from the same places). Reports, accounts, minutes and agenda will be available shortly; watch this space.
Little Stars
Great to welcome back Little Stars toddler group to the Mission Church on 30th April. For more information or to get involved, please have a word with Julie Day from the Mission Church.
Thy Kingdom Come
Full details of how you can get involved in this global prayer initiative will be on our website shortly and will be sent out by email next week (paper copies also available from the office for those who don't do email). From 13th - 23rd May, we will be focussing on 'Praying for 5' including the opportunity to sign up to be part of 24 hours of prayer both online, in all our churches or at home from 9am Saturday 15th May - 9am Sunday 16th May. Please put the dates in your diary and join us in prayer. There will also be helpful free prayer resources available in our churches from Sunday 9th May. 
Ascension Day Service
This year our Ascension Day Service will be on Thursday 13th May 7pm in the Parish Church, Street. Please let the office know you are coming by Monday 10th May at 12noon. At this service, we will also be formally launching 'Thy Kingdom Come' in the benefice'.
Charitable Giving in the Benefice
We will shortly be asking church members to recommend charities for our churches to support as part of their charitable giving in 2021 (delayed due to the pandemic). Please be thinking and praying about whether there is a charity that you could suggest. More details to follow shortly. 
New Housegroup
The Group that met during Lent on Tuesday evenings are keen to continue as a new house group with the next meeting on Tuesday 4th May 7pm via Zoom. If you would like to be part of this group, please have a word with Ana. Details of all our house groups can be found on our website.
Faraj Hana (Rev’d). 
Many of us will remember Faraj, former Anglican priest for the deaf in Cairo, Egypt and now priest in charge of an Anglican Church for Arabic-speaking immigrants in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. For several years they were annual visitors to the Mission Church. He called recently and sends his love to us all in the church here. He asks us to pray for a confirmation out there with 40 (!) candidates coming up on Sunday May 16th. They ‘planted’ another church out there a couple of years ago. He and Ragga his wife hope to visit us when next they  come to the UK. Their children  are at university in the city. Fadi is studying Physiotherapy and Lydia Audiology.  Please can we remember them all in our prayers?   Bernard 
Services (all Morning Worship)
Wed. 5th May   - 10.00am, Mission Church, Street
Sunday 9th  May
8.30am – Holy Trinity, Street
9.15am – Holy Trinity, Walton
10.00am – St. Andrew’s, Compton Dundon
10.30am – Mission Church, Street