This Week's Life Line
Week commencing 25th March 2018
Prayer for the week

True and humble king,
hailed by the crowd as Messiah:
grant us the faith to know you and love you,
that we may be found beside you
on the way of the cross,
which is the path of glory. Amen
Readings for today

Psalm 118.1-2, 19 - end page 616
Philippians 2:5-11 page 1179
John 12:12-16 page 1079

Readings for the week
Monday         Psalm 41, Lamentations 1.1-12a & Luke 22.1-23
Tuesday        Psalm 27, Lamentations 3.1-18 & Luke 22.24-53
Wednesday   Psalm 102, Jeremiah 11.18-20 & Luke 22.54-end
Thursday      Psalm 42, Leviticus 16.2-24 & Luke 23.1-25
Friday           Psalm 69, Genesis 22.1-18 & Hebrews 10.1-10
Saturday       Psalm 142, Hosea 6.1-6 & John 2.18-22
Please pray for:-
  • Edward Arthur Ashman to be baptised today at the Mission Church, and his parents Colin and Sarah
  • For all who will lead worship, and for the deepening of our faith and commitment during Holy Week
  • Walton PCC meeting on 22nd March
  • For all schools, both pupils and teachers, as they take a holiday
  • For the sick: Michael Kidd, Susan Hillyer, Liz Parker and for Pam Harmsworth at home recovering from surgery. 
Passover Meal  - Maundy Thursday, 29th March, 7pm,
Compton Dundon village hall.
David Hatrey will be leading this; there are sign up sheets at the back of the churches.
Due to a funeral there will be no Body, mind and soul on Thursday 29th March.
Electoral Roll – Street

This will be closed for revision between 2nd and 5th April.  If you would like to be added to the roll, please complete a form (found at the back of the churches) and return it to me. Thanks, Sonia Beaty.
has come to the end of its season and tonight is our last service.  Do come and join us to celebrate all the Lord has done through Refresh and to worship Him together.  Worship will be led by Rowena and Nigel Steady and Dick Brummitt will be speaking on "Ending Well".  6.30pm at Mission Church
Street Facebook page

It would be really great if Street had a facebook page where all information about news and events can be shared (similar to the one Walton has). If you would like to set this up and administer it, please contact Sonia Beaty.  (see HTC, Walton, Somerset on facebook for inspiritation)

Walton parking space needed
My friend’s son is moving to Walton and needs somewhere to park his car. He is a single parent and his 2 small daughters live with him during the week. Do you have a suitable parking place for his small car. It would be practical if it was Walton Gateway end of village. If you can help, please contact me on 01278 723616/ Thanks, Pauline.
Can you help, please?
Kid’s church at Walton is held on a Monday between 3.30pm and 5pm.  My toast maker is no longer able to attend so I need someone to help with this.  The children arrive from school at about 3.30pm so the new helper would need to have everything set up and ready to go as they arrive.  You would only need to be at the church from 3.15pm to 4pm but would be welcome to stay for the whole session if you wish.  This is a necessary and valuable part of the afternoon and works best when not manned by a mum who is trying to supervise their own children. Please contact me if you would like more information, or think that you would be able to help me.  Thanks, Sonia. ( / 01458 442966)
Altar Frontal – Street Parish Church

Do you enjoy sewing? Do you know anyone who sews?
I am putting together a working party to create a new Altar Frontal for the Parish Church.  If you are interested or know someone who might be able to help, please contact me. Thanks, Diane Gray. 01458 446395
Tearfund  Soup Lunch, May 27th Parish Church - after the service.

There will be a choice of soups. No charge for the lunch, but there will be an opportunity to make a donation to Tearfund.
All are welcome. An indication of numbers would be helpful, so a tick sheet will go up after Easter. We look forward to seeing you there.
We will also have a bring and buy table and a quiz!! So fun for all the family.
Thanks, Suzie Williams.

Walton Quiz Night – 6th April, 7 for 7.30pm start
Light refreshments will be available, bring your own drinks and nibbles.
£2.50 at the door.  All welcome.

Letter from Mfuwe parish
Dear Jane, and friends in Street
I hope and trust you are all fine that side of the world.
Now concerning Mfuwe parish. The parish was given its status in 2010 when it was separated from Masumba.
Mfuwe parish is a rural parish within Mambwe district which north- west of our province.
The parish has seven congregations whose Christians are subsistence farmers except for the parish centre ( St. Agnes) where some Christians work in the lodges. We also have the following church groups which are very influential and their membership:
- Ladies groups, Mother's Union: 162; St. Veronica: 158,
- Young Family: 35,
- Anglican Men' s Union: 5,
- Lay readers: 15.
We also have youth groups which are the choir, Sunday school, Altar servers, Praise Team, Youth fellowship, Boy' s Brigade and Girl's Brigade.
The parish is growing rapidly both numerically and spiritually. This is evident in that most buildings built five years ago can't contain their members.
The parish is situated near South Luangwa National Park such that we co- exist with wild animals. There is usually man- animal conflicts but we do co- exist anyway.
We are very delighted to have you as our link parish. We have a lot to share of what God has done and is still doing in his church. We shall keep on sharing these great things
Please pass our regard to our beloved there.
Wish you a happy Easter.
Ven. Phillip Mwale.

What’s on this week
        7.30am – Morning Prayers – Mission Church
        7.30am – Morning Prayers – Mission Church
        7.00pm – Walton Homegroup – The Royal Oak
        7.30am – Morning Prayers – Mission Church
        10.00am - Mid week Communion - Mission Church
        10.00am – Walton Tots – Walton Church
        7.30pm – Handbell practice – Mission Church
        7.00am – Morning Prayers – Walton Church
        10.30am - Coffee morning - Walton Church
        11.30am - Mid week communion – Walton Church
        7pm – Passover Meal – Compton Dundon Village Hall
        10.30am – Churches Together Service – Mission Church
        11am – Meditation and walk of witness – Compton Dundon
        2pm – Meditation – Street Parish Church
        8.30am – Holy Communion – Street Parish Church
        10.00am – Family Communion – Walton Church
        10.00am – Family Communion – Compton Dundon Church
        10.30am – Family Communion  – Mission Church
Revd. Sharon Walker 01458 442297
Prayer chain – Bob & Vera Parker 01458 442906, Sharon Walker 01458 442297
Office -  01458 442671
Treasurer – Sonia Beaty 01458 442966
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