This Week's Life Line

Week commencing 7th March 2021
A Journey of Forgiveness
Genesis 45.1-15
Matthew 18.21-35
  • What clues does this passage give that Joseph has virtually divorced himself from his past?
  • What attitudes do you see in Joseph that enabled him to forgive in his later years?
  • What would you be feeling if you were one of the brothers?
  • How do we know that Joseph’s forgiveness is genuine?
  • What might be the consequences of unforgiveness?
  • Discuss the times when we have found it hard to forgive.
Prayer for the week
Eternal God,
give us insight
to discern your will for us,
to give up what harms us,
and to seek the perfection we are promised
in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
Readings for the week
Monday         Psalms 7, Jeremiah 11.1-17 & John 7.37-52
Tuesday        Psalms 9, Jeremiah 11.18-12.6 & John 7.53-8.11
Wednesday   Psalms 38, Jeremiah 13.1-11  & John 8.12-30
Thursday      Psalms 56, Jeremiah 14 & John 8.31-47
Friday           Psalms 22, Jeremiah 15.10-end & John 8.48-end
Saturday       Psalms 31, Jeremiah 16.10-17.4 & John 9.1-17
Prayer Topics:  for Sunday 7th March 2021:
Please pray: –
  • We continue to pray for our Benefice and our clergy, Ana, David and Diana – may they be sustained and upheld as they lead us. 
  • For Lent we pray that we will be granted the grace to withstand the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil; and with pure hearts and minds to follow and worship our Lord God.
  • Whether we have put down something or taken up something for Lent we pray that God will give us the dedication to continue with our efforts and through this period to be shown where and how we can be of service to Him.
  • We pray for our link Church in Mfuwe, Eastern Zambia, for the community there coping with the shared challenge of Covid but also the many challenges inherent of a third world country without the infrastructure and support we take for granted.
  • We pray for the many organisations working worldwide to address the various difficulties people face; poverty, famine, natural disaster, abuse, and injustice.  May they receive the support and funding they need in order to carry out this vital work.
  • We pray for our schools and colleges, due to reopen on 8th March, pray for the students as they re-engage with the educational structure and pray for the teachers, lecturers, and support and admin staff as they cope with any requirements for Covid testing and mask wearing.  We also give thanks for all those who have kept schools open, during lockdown, for the children of key workers. Thank you, Lord, for the skill and dedication of all those who hold the future of our young people in their hands.
  • We pray for those, known to us, who are unwell whether physically or mentally, whether in hospital or at home; praying that they all may receive the care and support they need at this time and that they will know the healing touch of Jesus. And particularly we pray for those whose medical condition require lengthy treatment.
  • We pray for those, known to us, who have recently died that they may be at rest; and for their family and friends, that they may know the love and care of Jesus. 
For these and all things we pray in the name of Jesus.                  Amen
Tuesday Early Morning Prayer Meeting
What better way to start the day than praying for the church and the world for 30 minutes at 8am Zoom with a link to follow. 

Benefice fun quiz night on March 20th.
This is not intended to be a serious quiz, just a bit of fun. There is no need to book and the zoom invite will be sent out nearer the time. All you need to do is log on and join in the fun.  This evening is very much about the fun and fellowship between our church family.
Twin your vaccine
If you are grateful for your Covid 19 vaccine (whether you've had it yet or not) why not consider twinning your jab so that those in poorer countries can also receive one. More details of this initiative, launched in Somerset at
Doors will open again this Monday 8th March at 8pm. Join us on Zoom for a virtual drink and chat and maybe a bit of live music.
Easter Plans
Plans for Holy Week and Easter will be published shortly. Please see our website or future editions of Lifeline for more details. In the meantime, a reminder that we plan to reopen all our churches for Sunday Worship from Sunday April 4th (with Covid 19 restrictions in place).
Contact Forms
Thank you so much to all those who have returned their contact forms to the church office. We are working on this now, aiming to get the church contacts list ready for Easter. If you meant to return it and have not yet done so, it's not too late.
Articles for the April edition of LIFE MAGAZINE are due by Sunday 14th March please.
Services (subject to change/cancellation)
Wednesday 10th  March
10.00am – Morning Worship – Mission Church
14th  March
9.45 for 10.15 start – Benefice Zoom service (link to follow)